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Creationist Slams PBS Series on Science, Evolution (Video)

PBS has been airing a new science/evolution documentary series entitled "Your Inner Fish," which is based upon a book of the same name written by paleontologist Neil Shubin, a professor at the University of Chicago.

Shubin (pictured) and his colleagues made a major discovery in 2004 when they found a fossil of "transitional" fish, the Tiktaalik, which scientists believe walked on land.

Shubin has been highlighting the transitional parts of the Tiktaalik's anatomy, including its neck, arm-like fins, lungs and gills (video below).

"Flaws in the human body, like our susceptibility to hernias, remind us that we’re all adapted from ancient ancestors, we are, every one of us, just a jury-rigged fish," says Shubin.

The Los Angeles Times praised the PBS series, "All in all, 'Your Inner Fish' reminds us what smart TV really is."

However, creationist Elizabeth Mitchell recently panned the series on creationist Ken Ham's web site Answers In Genesis and even blamed belief in evolution for abortion:

Wrongly believing that humans are just animals that go through a fish stage in the womb has tragically led many women to destroy the human life within them.

And the false belief that the human body suffers from many flaws consequent to our evolutionary heritage leads to a mistaken view of the real origin of suffering and death.

...God designed a perfect human body along with a perfect world in the beginning. How do we know? He told us so in Genesis 1:31. And God warned Adam that rebellion would have consequences (Genesis 2:16–17).

Adam did rebel and ever since that day the entire world has groaned (Romans 8:22) under sin’s curse. People’s bodies have worn down, gotten ill, and died. The problem is neither bad design nor evolutionary bondage, but the perversion of God’s good original designs as a consequence of man’s rebellion against the Creator.

Sources: The Los Angeles Times and Answers In Genesis


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