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Creationist Senator Won’t Let Little Girl Name State Fossil If It Doesn’t Say ‘Made By God’

An 8-year-old girl wrote to the South Carolina State Senate when she learned that her state was one of only seven that doesn’t have an official state fossil.

Third-grader and science enthusiast Olivia McConnell wrote to Gov. Nikki Haley, Republican, and two other state lawmakers making the case for the Columbian mammoth to be the state fossil.

Rep. Robert Ridgeway and Sen. Kevin Johnson, both D-Clarendon, introduced the legislation into their chambers, but it hit a snag immediately in the Senate.

State Sen. Kevin Bryant, Republican, called for an amendment.

He said the bill should include a page from the Book of Genesis stating that on the sixth day of Creation, God created the beasts of the field.

His first amendment was ruled out of order because it specified Christian literature, but he removed the quote from the King James Bible and resubmitted the amendment.

Bryant wants the state fossil to be: “The Columbian Mammoth, which was created on the Sixth Day with the other beasts of the field."

“I think it’s an appropriate time to acknowledge the creator,” Bryant told The Greenville News. "Since we’re dealing with the fossil of the woolly mammoth then this amendment would deal with the beginning of the woolly mammoth.”

McConnell argued in her letter that teeth from the Columbian mammoth were discovered in a South Carolina swamp in 1725.

The Columbian mammoth died out about 12,500 years ago – 6,500 years prior to when creationism claims the earth was made by God.

Sources: The State, Fox News


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