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Creationist Group Warns Trick-Or-Treaters Of Hell

Answers In Genesis, a creationist Christian organization that built a giant Noah's Ark in Kentucky, is asking Christians to hand out fake $1 million bills that warn trick-or-treaters of the eternal hell that awaits them.

"Have you ever lied, stolen or used God’s name in vain?" one fake bill, which features Noah's Ark, asks children and adults, according to The Huffington Post. "The penalty for your crimes against God is death and eternal hell."

Another bill sporting a dinosaur image states: "Have you ever lied, stolen, hated or dishonored your parents? Have you looked with lust? God says that’s the same as committing adultery in your heart ... The penalty of sin is death and eternity in hell."

While there's no mention of children going to hell in the Bible, Answers In Genesis sells a "Halloween Learn and Share Kit," which includes the fake cash, an anti-Halloween DVD and an anti-Halloween book.

According to The Huffington Post, the book is similar to an anti-Halloween rant on the Answers In Genesis website from 2013:

[Halloween] has become a time of increased crime in many places (especially arson and other acts of violence) on Halloween night as well as the night before. Even the author’s house was robbed one Halloween by forced entry. So, although the retail industry loves Halloween, many police officers and insurance companies dread it! Of course, there is also a tremendous amount of occult activity associated with this holiday...

...It should be obvious from a Christian perspective that many modern practices of Halloween and days of the dead have evil intent (e.g., 1 Corinthians 10:20). There has been considerable paganism that has been associated with Halloween over the years. Even evil acts such as vandalism, fires, destructive pranks, pretending people are something they are not by dressing up (and particularly by the glorification of sensuality, death, and demons) are in strong opposition to the fruit of the Spirit (Galatians 5:19–23). So, a word of caution must be given to Evangelicals who promote some of the questionable modern practices of Halloween.

As a matter of record, the Bible does not mention Halloween.

The anti-Halloween post on Answers In Genesis also asked readers to encourage others to counter modern Halloween practices:

So where do you go from here? Please encourage your pastors and elders to have some sort of church function to counter modern practices of Halloween. Of course, one of the only nice things that Halloween really has to offer could also be involved -- sweet treats (in moderation of course)!

If a Christian alternative is not possible in your location, then take advantage of this opportunity to share with people the message of the gospel and how Jesus Christ has conquered death and the forgiveness that can only be found in God when you greet "trick or treaters."

Sources: The Huffington Post, Answers In Genesis (2) / Photo Credit: Answers In Genesis

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