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Creation Museum Founder Ken Ham Says Logic Isn't Enough to Debunk Evolution (Video)

The founder of the Creation Museum in Kentucky says logic isn’t the way to finally debunk evolution because there is no scientific evidence that proves evolution is a lie.

Ken Ham, the president of Answers in Genesis, says the final nail in evolution’s coffin is presenting the evidence put forth in the Bible in a new 60-second radio ad for the museum released Thursday.

“We have solid proof in our hands that evolution is a lie: the Bible,” Ham said. “You see, we can’t depend solely on our reasoning ability to convince skeptics. We present the evidence and do the best we can to convince people the truth of God by always pointing them to the Bible.”

Ham said that because God has revealed himself “through nature” there is no need for scientific evidence that Creation is real.

The museum, which opened in 2007, shows biblical characters and dinosaurs co-existing. Ham has argued that dinosaurs even accompanied animals on Noah’s Ark.

In a recent video interview, creationist author and filmmaker Darek Isaacs argued that dragons were real creature that walked the earth with humans.

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