Crayola Criticized By Georgia GOP Office And ‘Creeping Sharia’ Blog For Islamic-Themed Coloring Pages


Crayola has now become a target for anti-Islam activists for its new website promotion, which features Islamic-themed coloring pages in honor of the month of Ramadan. Last week, the Pickens County (Georgia) Republican party proposed a “call to action” on its website, stating that the world’s leading crayon manufacturer may be putting young artists in danger by releasing the coloring pages.

Visit Crayola.com’s free coloring pages and the first items are Islamic from the Ramadan section.

Recall that Muslims consider Ramadan the “month of jihad” and “month of victory” over infidels. Crayola should remind kids not to try and draw Muhammad lest their parents need to fend off Muslims and enter witness relocation—like the creator of Everyone Draw Muhammad Day—since the FBI nor anyone else will protect them.

Christmas trees and bunnies abound but a search for the Bible returned zero results.

The images on the coloring pages feature a prayer rug and a young, smiling boy kneeling and reading from the Koran. 

The text was published at the same time on both the Pickens County GOP website and the ‘Creeping Sharia” blog; as such, it is not clear as to where the text actually originated.  

Besides Crayola, the Wegman’s supermarket chain, Nashville’s Hutton Hotel, and David Petraeus have all fallen under criticism by anti-Islam and anti-Shariah groups.

Sources: Mother Jones, Mediaite


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