County Orders Church to Remove 'Support Our Troops' Sign


Officials in Nevada County, Calif. have told the Simple Truth Church to take down its “Support Our Troops” sign.

The sign, which also features an American flag, was put up to cover a rundown billboard. The church is facing fines if it doesn't remove the sign, even though many residents have no problem with it.

However, Nevada County officials say the church failed to get a permit before making the change to the sign, which is 20 feet tall and 8 feet wide.

According to Fox 43, Nevada County law does not allow changes to an existing sign without prior approval from the Nevada County planning department.

“It’s a little surprising," church member Julia Stokes told CBS Sacramento. "All we meant to do was beautify the area, the corner, and it’s a reminder for me, for everyone that drives by, to pray for the troops,”

Her husband Bill Stokes added, “Why would you knock something that has an America flag on it that says ‘Support Our Troops?’ I have no idea. I really don’t."

“If we don’t do anything, they may come out and cut the sign down, and we would have to pay for them to cut the sign down, which seems to be pretty harsh,” added Bill.

Church officials say the sign is bringing more people into the church, so they are reluctant to remove the patriotic message.

“People just drive by and love it,” stated Julia. “There have been four new people come to our church because of that sign.”

Sources: CBS Sacramento and Fox 43


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