County Councilor Brings Back 'In God We Trust' Proposal In Clark County, Washington

County councilors in Clark County, Washington, are not done arguing about whether or not to post the motto “In God We Trust” on the wall in the Council’s public hearing room. 

A motion to do so, made by Councilor Tom Mielke, failed last week when no one on the three-member panel offered a second, according to The Associated Press

But the issue was brought up again the next day when the councilors met for board time. 

The Columbian reports Councilor David Madore said it “would be appropriate" to post the motto behind the dais where councilors sit during meetings. 

“We have a county motto, and that motto represents us as a local community,” Madore said. “This local community is not a silo. We don't stand alone. We are a part of a nation, and this nation, America, has its motto. And we are a part of America, and it would be very appropriate to add our nation's motto, also.”

The original motion failed to garner a second last week after councilors listened, for two hours, to public comments from citizens mostly opposed to placing the motto in public space. Doing so would violate principles of separation of church and state, many argued. 

Madore said Wednesday that the motion from the previous night’s meeting wasn’t clear enough and that is why he didn’t offer a second to allow it to come to a vote.

He said he wanted to specify precisely where the motto would be placed and what the words would look like. 

"It would be the same font you'd find on the penny, and brass in color," Madore said.

Councilor Jeanne Stewart told her peers she felt the matter had been settled.

“Really what it sounds to me like is we're kind of circling back around,” she said.

Mielke sad he was frustrated by the assertion that his motion lacked clarity.

“I brought that to this board four weeks prior,” he said. “We could have talked about that for four weeks. You could have amended that on the floor.”

Madore acknowledged that not working on the issue in the previous month was a “lost opportunity” but he wanted to bring the matter back for a vote. 

“Maybe we'll get it right this time,” he said.

Sources: The Olympian (AP Story), The Columbian

Photo Credit: Kevin Dooley/Flickr, Scott Hudson/Flickr


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