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Country Singer Vince Gill Confronts Westboro Baptist Church Protesters (Video)

Country singer Vince Gill confronted protesters from the Westboro Baptist Church in Kansas City, Mo. outside Kauffman Center, where they were picketing his Sept. 8 concert.

The protesters were calling Gill an "adulterer" because he and wife Amy Grant, were previously married to different spouses (video below), noted USA Today.

"Vince Gill, what in the world are you doing out here?" asks one protester.

"I just came to see what hate looked like," replied Gill.

"More importantly, what are you doing with another man's wife? Don't you know that divorce plus re-marriage equals adultery?" countered the protester.

"You folks are lucky that you don't have a sign that says something about my wife," Gill shot back.

Gill and the protester get into a theological debate in which Gill stated, "[Jesus] said a lot about forgiveness, grace, you folks don't have any of that."

Source: YouTube and USA Today


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