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Country Singer Kacey Musgraves Promotes Homosexuality, Says Pastor (Audio)

Pastor Kevin Swanson recently slammed country singer Kacey Musgraves, who has taken home wins from the CMA, ACM and Grammy Awards for her album "Same Trailer Different Park" and song "Follow Your Arrow."

According to Pastor Swanson, Musgraves is "dismantling" Christian faith "in the heartland" with "Follow Your Arrow" (audio below).

Fox News noted the lyrics of the song include: "If you save yourself for marriage, you’re a bore / If you don’t save yourself for marriage, you’re a horrible person / Make lots of noise, kiss lots of boys / Or kiss lots of girls, if that’s what you’re into.”

Pastor Swanson was angry over a positive article about Musgraves in Rolling Stone back in November 2013, after Musgraves won at the CMA awards.

He claimed on his radio show last week that if Musgraves had sang "Follow Your Arrow" in a different decade, she would have been killed, reports

“Let me say this, if she had sang that thing in a country bar in the 1920s or 1880s in Denver, Colorado, somebody would’ve called for a rope, ‘Get a rope!’" stated Pastor Swanson. "You know what would have happened, she would not have made it out of town in the 1880s, 1920s, 1940s or 1960s.”

Pastor Swanson later claimed that Musgraves was promoting homosexuality and abandonment of the church (audio below).

“When you can turn a once-Christian nation into Sodom, that’s when the demons do their celebration, their dance in the end zone,” said Pastor Swanson. “So she’s got to promote homosexuality and she’s got to promote the abandonment of the traditional church in the same song. That’s critical for the dismantling of the Christian faith in the heartland.”

Sources:, Fox News, Rolling Stone


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