Cops: Man Brought Guns To Easter Church Service (Video)

Churchgoer Marcus Donald was arrested after allegedly trying to bring two guns into an Easter service at the Bellevue Baptist Church on March 27 in Memphis, Tennessee (video below).

According to the Memphis Police Department, the 31-year-old man brought "a loaded 40 caliber Beretta in the pocket of his pants and a 300 Blackout Assault Rifle in a backpack."

The church said in a statement: "A heavily armed man entered our building today about 11:00 a.m. He was stopped by our security people before he could enter the sanctuary, and was subsequently arrested by Memphis Police. We are thankful for the diligence of our security people and the Memphis Police Department," notes WREG.

The gun owner reportedly told the cops that "people in society are a threat to him and that he must be vigilant."

There were an estimated 4,500 people at church when Donald allegedly brought his guns and extra ammo on the church campus, reports FOX 13 Memphis.

The cops arrested Donald as an emergency commitment for evaluation, but he was not charged with any crimes.

According to the Crisis Intervention Team at the University of Memphis, an emergency commitment arrest is "the only time a mentally ill person can be taken into custody solely for being mentally [ill]."

A woman at Donald's last known address would not comment to FOX 13 Memphis; neighbors refused to go on camera, but said that he did live in the area.

Rev. Anthony Self, the COO of Mississippi Boulevard Christian Church, said that more churches in the area are getting armed security.

"In years past, it would have been optional to have church security,” Self told FOX 13 Memphis: “Now it's becoming mandatory because everybody that comes through the door doesn't have the best intent."

Sources: FOX 13 Memphis, WREG / Photo Credit: WREG via YouTube

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