Controversy Over New Jersey 9/11 'Cross' Memorial (Video)

A steel beam from the Twin Towers wreckage that was supposed to be a 9/11 memorial in Princeton, New Jersey, has been hidden from view in a local firehouse.

At issue is a hole in the beam that is in the shape of a cross, which some officials worry could bring a lawsuit if it sits on public property.

The American Atheists Organization threatened a lawsuit in 2013 if the 10-foot-long, 2-ton long beam is used as a memorial, reported Fox News (video below).

“It deserves to have respect and people being able to touch it. People died. The circles, the cut out of a cross, the bumps and bruises, the curves, everything that's on this piece of steel reflects some part of that day and the sacrifice that thousands of people have given because of that day,” Roy James, former deputy chief of the Princeton Fire Company, recently told My 9 NJ.

James, who is Jewish, told NJ.com in 2013 that the cross didn't make him think of Christianity. When some city council members suggested hiding the cross part of the beam, James rejected that idea.

Princeton University may end up housing the beam, which mean that it would sit on private property.

Sources: Fox News, My 9 NJ, NJ.com
Image Credit: Fox News Screenshot


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