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Controversial Billboard Sparks Worldwide Outrage

A billboard in St. Augustine Beach, Florida has drawn outrage from all over the world. It has been labeled discriminatory, and hundreds have called for its removal.

The sign proclaims in large, red letters "ISLAM BLOODY ISLAM" and contains a caption underneath which reads, "DOOMED BY ITS OWN DOCTRINE!"

As of April 12, over 9,300 people have signed a petition asking the owner to take down the billboard, according to WJXT.

St. Augustine resident John Poage saw a post on Facebook regarding the billboard and decided to stand in front of it with his own sign which read "Locals For Tolerance."

"It really doesn't represent what this community stands for so I wanted to get out here as soon as I could with a contrasting opinion," Poage said. "You can tell the community is not really behind that kind of fear."

"I find that offensive. I really find that disturbing," said resident Elizabeth Smith. "I think that everyone has a right to practice their own religion, and I don't think that should be on a billboard or in anyone's mind or in their hearts."

"I thought it was kind of strange," said Jim Morrow, a resident who lives in a neighborhood close to the billboard, according to WPTV. "Signs like that I think are always inappropriate."

Another resident, Lonny Rosen, said that a friend told her about the sign and that she had to go see it for herself. "This is horrifying," she said. "This tells me that they want everyone in the whole city to see this," said Rosen, who plans to sign the petition."

The company which owns the sign, St. Johns Outdoor Advertising, has not responded for comment and has apparently disconnected its phone line, according to WJXT.

Sources: WPTV, WJXT / Photo Credit: Florida Politics

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