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Constitution Teacher Loses it, Beats Christian Ministry Worker (Video)

“You Can Run But You Cannot Hide International,” a ministry that delivers assemblies and speeches in public schools, was stationed in front of a 7-Eleven in Florida one day. It was all good, clean fun until they began a conversation with the wrong gal.

The woman in question, a self-proclaimed “Constitution Teacher,” told the group that she disagreed with their mission, and that separation of church and state is clearly outlined in the nation’s Constitution. All emotional outbreaks were at bay, until she was acknowledged by the ministry workers, one of whom video taped the whole showdown.

Elizabeth Ilse, one of the ministry team members, was stationed behind her table greeting customers as they entered the store. When she said a simply “hello” to the woman, who had just read the group’s sign reading “Support Christianity in Public Schools, The Constitution, and Honoring Soldiers,” the woman completely lost her cool.

The highlights included: ‘shame on you for wanting Christianity in schools,’ calling Miss Ilse a ‘bigot,’ and [she] stated that ‘Christians are the problem.’”

Soon, though, the situation escalated, almost entirely on the woman’s end, and she threatened to call the cops on the low-key group members, labeling their behavior as “harassment” and “assault.” Before leaving the scene, she threatened the cameraman to stay away from her car, which he did not even approach, and then proceeded to physically lash out at him with her purse.

Turns out she was a woman of her words; she later returned with the police. The officers “asked the ministry workers if they wanted to press charges against [the woman],” writes The Blaze. Reportedly, the ministry has not yet decided whether or not they will follow up.

Source: The Blaze


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