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Conservatives Claim 'Bioshock Infinite' Video Game is Anti-Christian (Audio)

The video game Bioshock Infinite, which was released back on March 26, is being accused by some conservatives of being anti-American and anti-Christian.

Glenn Beck's website found problems with the game's designer, Ken Levine, questioning "American Exceptionalism" in an interview last year.

“The current political conversation in America is exhaustingly the same conversation that’s been going on for hundreds of years. We are very much like two countries. America has been this bifurcated thing for a long time," Levine told International Business Times. “The American Exceptionalism, theocracy-based power structure has been around the edges of American culture for a long time. BioShock Infinite gives it its full day in court."

"American Exceptionalism" is the conservative claim that America is an exceptional country deemed by God, although there is no mention of America in the Bible. stated:

The problem is that the representatives of this philosophy, the Founders, are straw men. Racist, xenophobic, religious fanatics, they are progressive caricatures of conservatives writ large, stripped of any subtlety; nothing but ugly monsters full of naked aggression and violent bigotry.

...The game’s antagonist, Zachary Hale Comstock, is the leader of the Founders faction and the lazy embodiment of every Tea Party stereotype you’ve ever heard: old, white, angry, and religious to the point that the citizens of Columbia refer to him as “Father Comstock” and the “Prophet” of the city.

On his "WallBuilders Live" radio show today, host and debunked Christian historian David Barton did not mention the video game by name, but appeared to be talking about Bioshock Infinite, reported (audio below).

"There is a video game out now where the bad guys you are supposed to shoot are both conservatives and Christians," said Barton. "So that's the ones that kids are being taught you have to rule out ... see, this is the kind of stuff that the Nazis started early on with young people and getting them to hate Jews, teaching them at Jews were bad and all the bad things that Jews did."

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