Conservative Law Firm Looking for Victims Who Feel Harassed by Transgender Students (Audio)


Earlier this year, the Pacific Justice Institute (PJI), a conservative law firm based in California, pushed people, especially Christians, to sign an online petition to put California’s new transgender law (School Success & Opportunity Act) up for a statewide vote in Nov. 2014.

As part of this campaign, the PJI spread a false story about a Colorado transgender teen harassing other students, noted

According to The Washington Blade, 504,760 signatures were required get the law on the ballot and 613,120 were turned in.

However, only 75 percent of those signatures are verifying as authentic, so it is likely the petition will not make the 504,760 requirement.

The PJI apparently has a back-up plan in case the petition fails, which is seeking out victims of transgender students, reports

Ironically, Brad Dacus, of the PJI, had claimed for months there would be numerous victims of this transgender law, but apparently there are so few that Dacus is taking to radio (audio below) to find students who feel harassed by transgender students.

"Perhaps you’re listening to us, and your son or daughter knows that there’s at least one child in their school that claims to be a transgender," said Dacus. "They claim that inside they have these feelings that they are the opposite sex."

"If that child can validate that this transgender has expressed their intention to use the opposite sex’s bathroom or locker room or showers, and they’re willing to come along side to be a plaintiff at our action, and if their child, and we’ll give anonymity, we’ll protect their identity, if they can do that," added Dacus.

"Then they should contact us because that gives us standing to be able to have a preemptive action and to get this matter, to get injunction against this enforcement as a violation of the U.S. constitution’s right to privacy that it guarantees to all of us, including to young adolescents and other children," stated Dacus.

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