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Conservative Indiana Group Claims Gay Marriage Will Lead to Jailing Pastors

Advance America, a conservative Christian group based in Indiana, is pushing a proposed state constitutional amendment that would ban gay marriage in the state.

According to the Indy Star, Advance America has created and distributed a flier for church bulletins that is entitled “Just Four Dangers of Same-Sex Marriage."

The flier states the following results of gay marriage, but doesn't include any supporting evidence:

Beginning in kindergarten, schools would be required to teach children that homosexual marriages are normal and acceptable and the same as heterosexual marriages.

A Pastor that preaches what the Bible says about homosexuality could be prosecuted as a criminal under a hate crime law resulting in jail and fines.

The next step would be to legalize “gender identity” which would give men who dress as women legal access to women’s restrooms and women’s dressing rooms.

Christian businesses could be fined and sued if they refuse to participate in homosexual wedding ceremonies (ex. bakers, florists, catering halls, photographers, etc.).

Advance America also claims to be a "non-partisan educational organization" on the flier, but there's little education here, according to Jennifer Drobac, a family law professor at Indiana University’s McKinney School of Law.

“This is just ludicrous,” Drobac told the Indy Star. “This is just promulgating panic and misinformed panic.”

Ironically, the head of Advance America, attorney Eric I. Miller, gives a "freedom isn't free speech" on the home page of, but apparently does not believe that freedom includes gay marriage.

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