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'How Dare You': Pastor Calls Out Rev. Al Sharpton After He Asks People For Money

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One Connecticut pastor has a lot to say to Rev. Al Sharpton.

Sharpton joined a march in Hartford, Connecticut, on Saturday in order to protest the killing of five young African Americans who died in the city over the past two weeks. During his time in the city, Sharpton spoke at Shiloh Baptist Church and asked that everyone contribute $100 to his organization, the National Action Network, to fund a memorial for the five deceased African Americans.

“I want the names and their stories up so children can see they don’t want to be on that wall,” Sharpton said. He said that his organization would construct the memorial.

Pastor Marcus Mosiah Jarvis, however, called Sharpton out as he walked down the aisle of the church.

“How dare you ask the people of Hartford to give you their money!” Jarvis said. “You’re nothing but a pimp!”

Jarvis further accused Sharpton of using the protest to weasel his way into a community where people are struggling to find jobs and make a living, according to Breitbart. Jarvis was especially skeptical, since Sharpton asked that everyone contribute the money to his National Action Network.

Jarvis argued that the community needs classes where people can learn about good credit, establish credit, own a home, create a resume, and look for a job instead of a memorial. Jarvis added that those things would empower people.

Following Jarvis’ complaints, Sharpton reportedly donated $1,000 of his own money to the memorial fund.

There might be some cause behind Jarvis’ accusations. In the past, Sharpton has reportedly avoided taxes and owes an estimated $4.5 million in state and federal taxes. 

Sources: LJ Review, Conservative Tribune

Photo Credit: LJ Review, WikiCommons


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