Concert for Fort Bragg humanists and other nonbelieving soldiers

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The U.S. military is involved in promoting the religious beliefs of the dominant religion in society, Christianity. Well, that isn't quite fair. It is the promotion of fundamentalist Christianity by military commanders who believe that one of the purposes of their high rank is to use the miitary structure to promote their own religious beliefs to their 18 and 22 year old privates and corporals.

Held have been a series of Spiritual Fitness concerts, or concerts put on by these commanding generals in order to promote Christian right-wing beliefs. Indeed, soldiers have been forced and punished if they chose to exercise their rights not to have the government (through the whims of a general) promote religion upon them. Indeed, soldiers have been required to take  Spiritual Fitness exams, to see if they are spiritual enough.

 Well the general in command at Fort Bragg stated after a concert held in order to promote his own personal religious beliefs, that any groups (including non-religious ones) can hold a similiar concert. Well, his bluff was called. The only difference is that the Rock Beyond Belief  concert put on for the enjoyment of humanist, atheist and other free thinking soldiers, does not require the support of the command structure or any high ranking general. Indeed, the great writer, biologist, humanist and annoynce to the religious right, Dr. Richard Dawkins will appear. Be rest assured that no religious soldier will be forced or pressured to attend such a concert.


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