Comedian Mitch Benn Says Right Wingers 'Aren't That Smart' (Video)


While speaking at "The God Panel" of the QED 2013 Conference in April of this year, UK comedian and songwriter Mitch Benn tried to link right wing people to low intelligence.

"People who aren’t that bright, who aren’t that smart, take refuge in certainty," said Benn (video below). "In the West, that generally herds them into the right-wing camp and it becomes God and country and waving the flag and ‘God save the queen’ and ‘God bless America.'"

"I've no doubt that people of a similar mindset, having grown up in the 1960s, it would have been all about the party," added Benn. "But people that aren't that bright take refuge in certainty... not so much that people who are smart become atheist, but people who are smart have one less reason to be religious."

Atheist Mike Hall, of the Merseyside Skeptic Society, laid into people who claim atheism for the wrong reasons, noted

"There was one I heard recently were somebody had claimed that Christianity was invented in the 4th century by the Masons and the Pope, and that’s why they’re an atheist,” said Hall. “That’s a stupid reason to be an atheist. I don’t care if you got the answer right, you got the method wrong.”

However, earlier this year self-proclaimed "liberal" Joel Mathis wrote in what liberals can learn from conservatives.

Mathis wrote that conservatives are "better at recognizing the law of unintended consequences" (the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq being an exception), "better at recognizing that big bureaucracies can become oppressive" and when "they have an idea and stick to it."

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