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Colorado School District Promotes Christian Sexual Purity Event For Girls 11 And Older (Video)

The Mesa Valley School District 51 in Colorado sent an email to parents promoting a Christian ministry event aimed at keeping girls, as young as 11, sexually pure (video below).

Colorado blogger Anne Landman reports that the email was for the “Wake Up Sleeping Beauty: Worship At His Feet” event, which will be held at Colorado Mesa University in Grand Junction, Colorado, on Jan. 22.

Girls as young as 11 years old are invited to the free event.

The email flier includes a Bible verse from Luke 7:38 about Jesus and a woman who came to worship him at a Pharisee’s house: "As she stood behind him at his feet weeping, she began to wet his feet with her tears. Then she wiped them with her hair, kissed them and poured perfume on them."

An upset parent contacted District 51 about the flyer: "The idea of a woman or girl (“she”) crying at a man’s feet, then using her hair to wash his feet, then kissing his feet, seems pretty demeaning to me. Apparently the irony of this imagery used to promote an event which purports to strengthen or support girls/women is lost on all involved."

The school district wrote the parent back: "Thank you for your response. Having reviewed the flier and KHB-R per your request, we do not find that the flier promotes a religious organization or demeans a person or group on the basis of gender.”

The email flier also includes the website, which forwards to

Wake Up Ministries is run by Christian speaker June Fellhauer, who presents the "Wake Up Sleeping Beauty" events.

The ministry website describes Fellhauer growing up as the "All-American Christian girl" who started dating a country singer at the age of 16.

The site adds: "June thought she was strong enough in her faith to fend off the sexual temptations that often come with dating, but somehow they penetrated her armor and she became a pregnant teen."

"It was out of her brokenness that June vowed to God that somehow, someway, she would always help teenage girls. She promised her life to the Lord."

"Over the past twenty-six years this vow found roots as she counseled women seeking abortions; [she] started a mentoring program for teenage mothers, called Young Lives, and served on a national committee for Young Life. But mostly this vow found root in raising her four daughters."

Sources: Facebook, Anne Landman, Wake Up Ministries / Photo Credit: Wake Up Sleeping Beauty/Facebook Screenshot

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