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College Student Denied Admission Because God Is 'Most Important' in His Life

Brandon Jenkins is suing the Community College of Baltimore County (CCBC) because he was allegedly not accepted into a program based on his religious views.

Jenkins had applied to the school's radiation therapy program for the Fall 2013 term. When he was interviewed at CCBC, Jenkins was asked: "What is the most important thing to you?" He answered, "My God."

The American Center for Law and Justice (ACLJ), which is representing Jenkins, says the interview was the only time Jenkins mentioned God.

According to the ACLJ, Jenkins was later told by Adrienne Dougherty, director and coordinator of the radiation therapy program, "I understand that religion is a major part of your life and that was evident in your recommendation letters, however, this field is not the place for religion."

"We have many patients who come to us for treatment from many different religions and some who believe in nothing at all. If you interview in the future, you may want to leave your thoughts and beliefs out of the interview process," Dougherty reportedly said.

The ACLJ filed a lawsuit last Monday on behalf of Jenkins. The lawsuit is asking for Jenkins to be admitted into the program at CCBC and awarded damages.

"The problem is that you have a guy who is qualified in all areas, and in the rejection letter, they single out his faith as a reason for his rejection. That's just flatly unlawful," ACLJ Senior Counsel David French told The Christian Post. "It's every bit as unlawful as singling out his race, or singling out his gender. To single out his religion is just as unlawful, and it violates the Constitution."

The ACLJ claims that Dougherty also told Jenkins that his 3.2 GPA was lower than other potential students and that a 10-year-old criminal charge on Jenkins's record could make it difficult to find a job in this field.

Sources: The Christian Post and ACLJ


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