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College Professor Jonathan Matusitz Caught on Video Slamming Muslims

Professor Jonathan Matusitz, who teaches at the University of Central Florida in Orlando, Fla., is being accused of "bigotry" and 'hate speech" for his disparaging remarks about Muslims in class (video below).

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) is calling for the university to review the classes taught by Matusitz.

CAIR claims the teacher is espousing "inaccurate information, anti-Muslim bigotry and hostility in the form of hate speech toward Islam and Muslims.”

CAIR cites a January seminar titled “How Culture Shapes Terrorism” in which Professor Matusitz allegedly claimed that the United Kingdom welcomed Muslims and said “say yes to polygamy and honor killings” (which is not true).

The Muslim group also loaded a video of part of the class on YouTube.

"So why? Why do so many Muslims relative to other religions want to kill us? The answer is easy. Very easy. It's seven letters: culture," Matusitz claims in the video, reports WFTV.

However, Matusitz failed to mention the decades of U.S. military and covert actions against Islamic countries, which continues today with U.S. drones killing civilians.

"Imagine that symbolic interaction that from the cradle until you're an adult teaches you to hate," Matusitz adds in the video. "I would rather take a chance and resist what is our enemy that just give up and embrace these foreign cultures.”

However, the same could be said about some Americans who are raised in a country where about 30,000 people are murdered every year.

“They’ve never been in my classes,” Matusitz told WFTV on Wednesday. “They don’t know the context of my classes. I think they’re wrong. I think they’re afraid of truth-tellers and they want to stifle free speech.”

“He was not speaking on behalf of the university and we do not endorse his views,” said a representative of University of Central Florida to WFTV. However, the university does pay Matusitz to state his views, which is a financial endorsement.

Source: WFTV


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