College Player Who Claimed He Was 'Following God' Not Drafted by NFL

Michael Sam made headlines over the weekend when he became the first openly-gay football player to be drafted by the NFL.

However, another college player who chose to ignore NFL scouts and follow God did not get drafted.

Adam Muema, a running back for San Diego State University, expected to get drafted and hoped to be picked by the Super Bowl champion Seattle Seahawks, but left the NFL's Scouting Combine back in February when scouts were assessing possible draft picks.

At the time, Muema said he was “following God,” who allegedly told Muema that he would play for the Seahawks if he missed the event.

“Can’t go wrong with God,” Muema told the San Diego Tribune. “[God] told me to sit down, be quiet, and enjoy the peace,”

According to the Friendly Atheist, Muema was so confident that he once wrote "'|God f1rst| Seahawks #8|?'" on his Twitter profile at @So_Lucrative.

However, Muema was not drafted by the Seahawks or any other NFL team, according to the draft tracker at NFL.com.

On May 6, Muema tweeted, "Hahaha ram's just called me :p."

Muema has not been signed by the St. Louis Rams, but did tell ESPN yesterday, "I don't like being a slave to money or coaches. I prefer an individual sport."

ESPN reported that Muema was quitting football to be a boxer or ultimate fighter, but he tweeted yesterday: "Your (sic) retarded if you think I'm going to fight before I play football."

Sources: NFL.com, Twitter, Friendly Atheist, ESPN, San Diego Tribune


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