Coast Guard Admiral William Lee Brags About Violating Military Rules on Religion (Video)

Coast Guard Rear Admiral William Lee gave a speech in Washington D.C. at the National Day of Prayer service last week, where he boasted about violating the U.S. military's rules regarding religion (video below).

While Admiral Lee wasn't specific about which rules he had broken, his speech seemed to indicate that he had violated a rule against proselytizing, which can result in a court martial, reported FoxNews.com.

The video was posted by the Family Research Council on their YouTube page, which supported Admiral Lee's actions.

Lee described how he gave a Bible to a suicidal service member because "there's not enough chaplains to go around."

He  claimed that the 18-year-old "had put a gun to his head, pulled the trigger and survived."

"When I looked at that young man and heard his story, the rules say 'send him to the chaplain.' My heart said, 'give this man a bible,'" recalled Lee.

After the crowd applauded, Lee recalled the high military suicide rate and then said: "The lawyers tell me I'm crossing the line. I am so glad I have crossed that line so many times."

Source: YouTube and FoxNews.com


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