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Clear Channel Rejects SnoreStop's Times Square Ad Featuring US Soldier, Muslim Woman Hugging

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A few months ago, racist Americans were outraged that Cheerios would release a commercial that features an interracial family. Now, the folks in charge of the advertising that goes up in Times Square in New York City are nervous about the backlash that would potentially ensue were they to run a new add from anti-snoring mouth spray company SnoreStop. 

According to DNA Info, the new ad features a U.S. soldier hugging a Muslim woman, along with the tagline “SnoreStop: keeping you together” and the hashtag “#betogether.” The point of the ad is likely to be somewhat provocative and shocking and catch people’s attention, and to explain that SnoreStop can somehow keep your relationship together.

Of course, it also includes the motto “If we can keep this couple together, we can keep anyone together,” so the company is aware of the fact that it is attempting to display something that’s “bound to raise eyebrows,” as they put it themselves in a company press release.

In that same press statement released by SnoreStop, the company explained that Clear Channel rejected their bid for a Times Square advertising location “because of is ‘sensitive nature’ and ‘uncomfortable imagery.’” 

The advertisement has already been running in Los Angeles, and is scheduled to debut in Chicago. 

SnoreStop chief branding officer Christian de Rivel stood by the imagery. 

“There is no nudity or bigotry or hostility in our #betogether campaign. In fact, we are specifically and aggressively promoting diversity, equality and harmony,” said de Rivel.

The fact that they chose to put the man in the image in a U.S. army uniform suggests that they had a marketing scheme at the forefront of their decision rather than a desire to promote equality and harmony, but Clear Channel’s rejection of the otherwise non-offensive ad is somewhat ridiculous.


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