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Gay Marriage is not a Civil Rights Issue

CHICAGO, IL -- On Martin Luther King Day, more than 40 African-American religious and political leaders gathered as conservatives speaking out against the "civil unions" bill. They are outraged with the message from the homosexual agenda to compare seeking rights with civil unions to the civil rights movement.

Apologetics speaker, Kathy Barnette, spoke at the press conference. She said, "Most Americans assume that the gay agenda simply wants equality. It is not equality that they so rabidly pursue. It is domination! It is to the exclusion and censorship of the dominant voice in this country that inherently judges their lifestyle as immoral and perverse."

Barnette is gravely concerned because Illinois U.S. Representative Steve King stated that the passing of the Hate Crimes bill "not only create a class of people that are 'more equal than others,' [but will] hinder [our] ability to preach the gospel and openly teach biblical principles."

Even with the dismal statistics of failing schools, education spends more time teaching tolerance to the gay agenda than preparing our children for the future. Barnette stated, "they spend their time on activities such as the Day of Silence, building sexually oriented high schools, and the reading of non-conformative gender role storybooks to 1st graders -- like the storybook King and King depicting two little boys kissing on the cover."

Barnette issued a challenge at the conclusion of her statement. "My challenge is not to those who are sympathetic to the gay agenda. Instead, it is to fellow Christians, fellow Constitutionalists, and fellow moral-conservatives. We must become educated on those things that are occurring in our communities, in our public schools, and in our government. In addition to becoming educated, we must also begin to stand up and speak out against the gay agenda that is being forced upon us today."

An adjunct Professor of Finance, a conference speaker, and the Northeast Illinois Christian Perspective writer for the Examiner newspaper (Chicago edition), Kathy Barnette communicates as an apologetics speaker and writer. She previously worked with two Wall Street firms, managing high net-worth clients' assets. She was also financial manager within a leading merchandise retailer. She served her country for 10 years in the Armed Forces Reserves, where she was accepted into Officer Candidacy School. Kathy sits on the board of a crisis pregnancy center and is writing her first book.


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