Civil Union Law is 'Mind-Control Experiment' Says Colorado State Senator Kent Lambert (Video)

Colorado State Senator Kent Lambert said today that Colorado's civil union law, which passed earlier this year, is a "mind-control experiment."

Lambert appeared on ex-Navy chaplain "Dr. Chaps" Gordon Klingenschmitt's Internet TV show "Pray In Jesus Name," noted RightWingWatch.org (video below).

"There are no waivers or provisions for any contrary thought, whether it's religion or people's expression of their own morality," claimed Lambert.

However, the state's civil union law does not govern "contrary thought," but it does block discrimination against gay couples.

"It completely suppresses basically any ideas. It's a mind-control experiment by the majority party, the Democrats, here in Colorado to force everybody, including children in schools, everything else, under penalty of law, to believe in homosexual marriage," warned Lambert.

According to the Denver Post, Colorado’s civil union law was passed in April and allows gay and lesbian couples to enter into a legal union. The law also recognizes same-sex marriages and civil unions authorized in other states, and gay divorce, notes Coloradoan.com.

Lambert and Klingenschmitt also discussed transgender children, who are allowed to use the restroom of their choice in California public schools.

"Privacy will no longer be in effect in the United States if this agenda continues in the direction that it is right now. This is certainly 'Brave New World,' the Aldous Huxley novel that Big Brother is here, he's alive and well and we're going to force you into the kind of agendas that some of the greatest dictators in world history have tried to press in the past," said Lambert.

However, the fictional character Big Brother actually appears in the novel "1984," written by George Orwell.

Lambert did not name any actual dictators that supported the rights of transgender children.

Source: RightWingWatch.org, Denver Post, Coloradoan.com


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