City Council Won't Fly Flag for Fear of Offending Muslims

The city council of Radstock, England recently decided not to fly the flag of St. George (pictured) after concerns that the flag would offend Radstock's 16 Muslim residents.

Apparently, the objection is because of the flag of St George was used in the Crusades about 1,000 years ago, which persecuted and executed Muslims.

The objection was raised by council member Eleanor Jackson, who is also a university lecturer, reported The Telegraph.

“My big problem is that it is offensive to some Muslims, but even more so that it has been hijacked by the far right," said Jackson. "My thoughts are we ought to drop it for 20 years."

Jackson did not say why "20 years" was the appropriate number, but the Radstock Town Council heeded her call and instead purchased a Union Jack flag to fly on Armistice Day.

Ironically, two Muslim groups disagreed with decision.

Rizwan Ahmed, spokesman for the Bristol Muslim Cultural Society, said: "I think they are going a bit far here. It is political correctness going a bit too far."

"Use by the far right is one thing, but to say that Muslims are offended I don't think is correct. We understand the flag is part of this country's heritage, and in fact many many Muslims will identify as being British themselves."

Muslim Council of Britain Spokeswoman Nasima Begum added: "St George needs to take his rightful place as a national symbol of inclusivity rather than a symbol of hatred.”

The rainbow flag of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender pride movement will be flown at “appropriate” times of the year.

Source: The Telegraph


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