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Citizen 'Christian' and 'Muslim Patrols' Raise Tension (Video)

So-called “Christian patrols” cruised East London on Jan. 31 in response to “Muslim patrols” that took place in the same area earlier in January.

A video (below) posted on YouTube shows Paul Golding, the chairman of the right wing "Britain First Party," in an armored truck explaining how his Christian patrols are distributing offensive flyers outside the East London Mosque.

Later, the Christian patrols drink beer outside the mosque in hopes of drawing the Muslim Patrols into a confrontation, notes the Daily Mail.

Golding adds, "We've got two cars of guys ready to jump out."

The Christian patrols then hold a sign up outside the mosque that reads, "We are the British… Resistance.”

The video ends with the text: “The day Lee Rigby was murdered, thousands of patriots were born. The fight back has begun.”

Rigby was a British soldier who was decapitated by two Muslim extremists in London back in May 2013.

“I think that the prospect of vigilantism, whether it be Muslim patrols or Christian patrols, is horrid,” said Jim Fitzpatrick, a local politician. “I want to see police patrols on our streets, not individuals with a religious or ideological axe to grind.”

Dilowar Khan, a spokesperson for the East London Mosque, and the Rev. Alan Green, chair of Tower Hamlets inter-faith forum, condemned the Christian and Muslim patrols, reports

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