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Church's 'Living' Nativity Scene Shows Santa Bowing to Jesus

Over the past week there has been some controversy as to whether or not Santa Claus and Jesus are white.

The Baptist Temple Church has tried to combine the two in an unusual nativity scene in Fall River, Mass.

The "living nativity scene" on Sunday included most of the familiar elements mentioned in the Bible, noted The Christian Post.

The display featured Joseph, Mary, the wise men, a shepherd and a manger, but also added Santa Claus bowing in front of the baby Jesus.

“The true message of Christmas is about Jesus’ birth,” Shirley Johnson, whose husband is head of the church, told The Herald News. “And you know what Christmas has become for many... it’s about Santa and the gifts. That’s why we’re showing Santa bowing the knee to baby Jesus. We all need to bow the knee."

Johnson said she got the idea from a figurine showing the same scene 25 years ago.

“It struck me as a powerful message,” added Johnson. “So I had the vision in my heart to do this scene live and it all worked out for us to do it this year.”

Sources: The Christian Post and The Herald News


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