Churches Withhold $7 million From Children’s Homes to Push Anti-Gay Policy (Video)


Sunrise Children's Services operates eight treatment homes in Kentucky for abused and neglected children on a $27 million budget.

However, Kentucky churches chose to withhold $7 million in donations from Sunrise Children’s Services when it considered ending its job discrimination against gay employees.

Sunrise Children’s Services feared that government funding might stop if it discriminated against gays, reports WDRB (video below).

Sunrise Children’s Services never followed through on changing its policy, but the churches did on their defunding.

According to the Associated Press, the Sunrise Children's Services board is approved by the Kentucky Baptist Convention and has agreed that it "shall maintain its distinctive Baptist character."

The Kentucky Baptist Convention, which supported cutting funds for Sunrise Children's Services, is now calling on churches to donate via its "Shine" campaign.

“Now that our churches have confidence in the leadership of Sunrise and the direction of Sunrise, we’ll give them the opportunity to reinvest in this ministry to children,” Kentucky Baptist Convention Executive Director Paul Chitwood told WDRB.

“We know that, at least for now, the state appreciates that, needs the ministry of Kentucky Baptists to these children, thrilled to have the relationship,” added Chitwood. “And we’ll just see where it goes.”

Sources: Associated Press and WDRB



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