Church Uses '4/20' Marijuana Theme to Advertise Easter Service

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This year, Easter Sunday lands on April 20, which also happens to be "4/20," a not-so-secret code word for pot smokers to get high.

Playing off the drug theme, the Freedom Church in Los Angeles is advertising their "4/20" Easter church service, notes

The church website promo reads, "Celebrate 4/20 with us because you can't get any higher than risen."

There is also a green medical marijuana symbol and the word: "Medicated."

Smoke hangs in the background behind the text, "A new sermon series exploring our chronic search for peace and healing.”

“I was sitting on a plane and I was looking at my calendar, and I realized that Easter fell on 4/20 and I thought, ‘Man, half of my friends, they’re going to be doing something else on 4/20. They’re not going to want to come to church,’” Freedom Church Pastor Justice Coleman told the Los Angeles Daily News.

“So, how could we put together a talk or a program that wouldn’t celebrate smoking weed, but would celebrate the idea that there’s so much more to life,” added Pastor Coleman. “That’s what we’re going to be talking about.”

“I think the idea that we supplement our lives with a lot of things, I think that resonates with a lot of people. Imagine a life where you didn’t need to do that.”

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