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Funny Church Signs

I shot my dad’s gun once. It was loud, kind of exciting, and a little tiny bit of pee came out.

Out of me, not the gun.

That would be totally weird the other way.

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I’m sure, as a church clinging to the Greatest Commandment to repay hate with love, they mean to pass it their way so they can empty the live shells out and turn them into lapel pins or tiny flower pots.

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What they don’t tell you is that Friday night bingo is actually gay bingo.

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I agree with them in princip[le on this one, but I simply can't help but look down on people who eat shellfish, especially when doing it while wearing blended fibers!!!

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Pretty sure someone messed with their sign, but man, what I wouldn’t give the be there on Saturday to see who shows up!

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Including this one because, unlike most signs I post this is a “nothing but net” WIN.

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See, that’s the problem! We just lost the adapter, probably some time back when we let the patriarchal church interpret scripture for us. Must have rolled under the couch…

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I’m pretty sure that plural marriage is illegal, even in this state. And nice to see that separation of church and state in this case is about two and a half inches. *sigh*

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