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Church Sign Says "Vote for the Mormon, not the Muslim!"

Church signs often have cute little quips or spiritual messages, but the Church in the Valley in Leakey, Texas has a sign that reads: "Vote for the Mormon, not the Muslim! The capitalist, not the communist!"

The Church in the Valley is overseen by Pastor Ray Miller, who refused to comment on the sign, except to say that it was his idea.  He feels the message on the sign speaks for itself, reports KENS 5 (video below).

Because churches are non-profit organizations, they cannot by law endorse a political candidate or take any political positions. By doing so, they risk losing their tax exempt status.

Several residents not affiliated with the church said the sign doesn't really bother them. Some business owners are embracing the attention.

Damon White said told KENS 5: "I love it. Even if it’s bad attention, bring it on. Come to town, see what it’s about. Not everyone hates Obama, not everyone loves him; not everyone hates Romney, or loves Romney. Come see for yourself.”


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