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Church Sign: ‘Jesus had Two Dads and He Turned Out Fine’

Drivers passing by St. John’s United Methodist Church are being caught off guard by its marquee. While the sign outside the church reading “Jesus had two dads and he turned out just fine,” is attracting attention, the church pastor says it’s not attracting the attention he quite intended.

Pastor Bill Campbell says it’s a misunderstanding when people associate the sign with gay and lesbian parenting.

“I think the assumption is we’re taking a stand relative to a position with regards to same-sex marriage,” Campbell told WSMV. “For me, it’s more of a concern of what we are doing about families and a message to children.”

The sign outside the Nashville church on Charlotte Avenue is referencing to Jesus’ two fathers, God and Joseph.

“Theoretically, Jesus is the son of God, but also the son of Joseph,” Campbell said. “It’s about children and people who grew up in homes, extended families, parents that are separated and having step dads.”

Campbell told News 2 that the sign caught his attention while looking online at other church billboards. He said the sign addresses the concern children may have when it comes to defining family.

“In a society where there are a lot of children who have step dads, who have foster dads and who live in blended families, it’s a reminder that having two dads is ok, and it’s not difficult then for them to see themselves as being successful and having a full rich life.”

Campbell said he makes no apologies for the sign or how it is worded.

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