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Church Sign Compares Gay Scout Leaders To Animal Predators

Pastor K.C. McCay of the Congregational Church in Nokomis, Florida, is defending a church sign that compares gay scout leaders to animal predators.

The digital sign features the words, "Gay Scout leaders are like….," followed by a picture of a fox and a baby chicken, and the caption, "Well… you know."

Some members of the community, which is near Sarasota, are upset by the sign, but McCay defended the message to WTSP.

"I hate people if I disagree with them? And that is absolutely false," McCay stated.

"And as a scout, I was molested. We need to protect our children," McCay added.

He didn't mention children who had been molested in churches.

"See, God loves everybody, but He doesn't love the sin," McCay added.

"Our church loves homosexuals, we love murderers, we love adulterers. We serve people for Christ, that's what we're about. We're not here to bring hate to anybody, we don't hate at all, but we do have a right in this country for free speech."

In 2006, McCay put up a message on the church sign that read: "Muslims can convert to Christianity here!"

That message went up during the fifth anniversary of the 9/11 attack, which McCay claimed didn't enter his mind at the time, reported the Sarasota Herald-Tribune.

"If Muslims want us to water it down, that might be all right for you, but we're not biting," McCay added.

Sources: WTSP, Sarasota Herald-Tribune
Image Credit: WTSP Screenshot


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