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Church Posts Pro-Gay Message on Sign, Goes Viral

A controversial church sign in Gosford, Australia has gone viral on the web after being posted on Facebook.

The sign outside the Gosford Anglican Church reads: “Dear Christians, Some people are gay. Get over it. Love, God.”

The sign was written by Father Rod Bower, an Anglican priest and supporter of gay rights.

His sign has gotten more than 100,000 views, 1000 shares and 3000 likes on Facebook in 24 hours.

"Normally one of my posts might get a few thousand views, but nothing like this," Bower told "I think it shows that it's an important issue and that a lot of people have spiritual questions that are not being met by traditional forms of Christianity."

"The conservative view is not the only view. Marriage equality is a hot issue at the moment and it seems the church is struggling to get over this issue. I am reflecting on what the spirit of God might be saying in a modern world," added Bower.

He said the reaction has been mostly positive, however, others say he is contradicting the Bible, which Christianity is based on.



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