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Potential Duggar In-Law: Homosexuals Don't Exist (Video)

Joseph Duggar, a 22-year-old member of TLC's famous "19 Kids and Counting" Duggar family, entered into a courtship with 18-year-old Kendra Caldwell in Fayetteville, Arkansas, on March 7 (video below).

"The first time I met the Caldwell family was whenever I visited their church," Duggar recalled in a TLC video.

"So, we've been talking for about six months," Duggar explained. "And right when we started talking we ... hit it off really well ... our interests and the things we stand for. We're both ready for the next step of courtship."

AOL notes that Caldwell's father is Pastor Paul Caldwell, who made news back in 2015 when members of his Lighthouse Baptist Church, including children, were passing out a controversial pamphlet to residents.

The pamphlet included the question: "Does God love Homosexuals?" and this answer: "This is a flawed question, there are no such things as Homosexuals."

"I just was offended that they would be going door-to-door in this community with that information," resident Joanna McCusker told KNWA in 2015. "I think most neighbors were pretty offended."

"I've had religious pamphlets dropped off, but nothing like that," added Joan Sirlin, another resident. "I just don't think it's right to push your religious beliefs on people in neighborhoods like this or any neighborhood."

"There was a young boy who was attaching some sort of literature to our door," McCusker recalled. "It's very sad that they're using children to promote their message."

Paul responded to KNAX with a text message:

Our church loves the LGBT community, hence the reason we have decided since Spring 2014 to reach out to them. This is just another avenue we are trying.

To them [the pamphlet] is simply a reminder that God loves them, and if I were to truly love them then I must tell them the truth.

McCusker pointed out the contradictory logic on the pamphlet: "If you read their literature you'll see that they don't actually believe that there are such thing as gay people, it's almost a science-fiction idea that they have."

Paul said the pamphlet message was not meant to offend people, and added that the door-to-door evangelism is the easiest way to spread the church's beliefs.

Paul states on the church website: "The Lord has given my wife, Christina, and me a burden for the souls in Northwest Arkansas."

The website also mentions that the couple has seven children: "Please pray for my wife and I; and our seven children (Kendra, Lauren, Micah, Nathan, Timothy, Olivia, and Jesiah), as we continue in this work for the Lord. If you would like to help support His work, you may pledge your support through BIMI."

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