Church Offends Muslims With Comic Book That Says They're Going to Hell (Video)

The Bible Baptist Church is offending Muslims in Roanoke, Va., by distributing a mini-comic book via mail that warns of hellfire for those who follow the Islamic faith.

The comic book shows a black man in prison where he becomes a Muslim. His grandmother attempts to convert him to Christianity, but he refuses and ends up in hell. The final page tells the reader to become a Christian or suffer the same fate.

“It basically indicated that [Muslims] are violent, the religion itself is violent, and the facts in here are not true,” Hussain Al-Shiblawi told WDBJ7 (video below).

“It shows him trying to kill his grandmother saying, 'If you weren't my grandma, I'd kill you where you stand, Allahu Akbar,'” added Al-Shiblawi.

The Bible Baptist Church says it didn't create the anti-Muslim comic books, but does distribute them.

“Read it before you hand it out, read it. Even though you don't write it, you still hand it out,” Al-Shiblawi said in response.

The comic books are written and drawn by fundamentalist Christian Jack Chick, who has been producing them from his California headquarters for decades.

According to The Christian Post, Chick has also produced other anti-Muslim comic books such as "Allah Had No Son," which claims Allah and the Christian God are not the same, and "Men of Peace?" that says Muhammad, the founder of Islam, went to hell.

Other comic books by Chick slam Mormons, Catholics, Atheists and people who celebrate Halloween.

Sources: WDBJ7, Chick.com, The Christian Post


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