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Church Members Try To Remove Pastor, Chaos Follows (Video)

Hundreds of members of the New Galilean Baptist Church in Jackson, Mississippi, recently signed a petition to remove Pastor Orlando Franklin from his position.

The church members tried to deliver the petition to Pastor Franklin on Sunday, but he stayed inside his office with some church officials.

Some church members got into a yelling and shoving match inside the sanctuary (video below).

One church member told WJTV that Pastor Franklin turned off the church microphone when people tried to say something he disagreed with, but another member said Pastor Franklin was a godly man.

Another church member told WAPT that Pastor Franklin's main focus was spending money.

Worship services were cancelled on Sunday, and police had to be called in to get church members under control (video below).

Pastor Franklin reportedly left the church before the media could ask him questions.

The church board says Pastor Franklin will not be returning.

Sources: WJTV, WAPT
Image Credit: WJTV Screenshot


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