Church Leader Blesses Congregation With Hammer (Video)


Church leader Royree Jensen blessed churchgoers on Jan. 30 with a giant hammer (video below).

Jensen posted the video to her Facebook page on Jan. 31 with the caption: "If you missed church yesterday, here's what happened ... "

In the video, Jensen touches people with the hammer while speaking English and an unidentifiable language.

According to her website: "Jensen is a Holy Ghost Trailer Blazer. She is a dynamic prophetic teacher with a brilliant ability to articulate the reality of the Kingdom of God in a powerful and humorous way."

The website also says that she is the "Senior Leader of River of Life Church in Logan City Australia," but it's not clear if that's where the hammer incident took place.

The responses to the video on Jensen's Facebook page were mixed:

"You're a disgusting human," one comment said.

"Try a sledgehammer next time you evil witch!" another wrote.

"My soul is crying repent," another added. "Time is almost up! We are at the 11th hour!"

Sources: / Photo credit: Royree Jensen via YouTube

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