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Church-Goers Left Shocked As Pastor Dies During Sermon

Kenneth Green, 56, collapsed and died during his sermon at Greater Saint Mary Baptist Church in New Orleans Sunday, where he had been senior pastor for eight years.

He was described by church members as a beloved pastor who always tried to help people out and give them encouragement. This included helping the homeless.

And it was encouragement Green was seeking to offer his congregation Sunday with his sermon entitled, “Down but not out: how to press forward.”

“He took a swallow of water,” Joan Martin, who was sitting in a pew when tragedy struck, told WDSU. “Before he took water, he wiped his face, and then he looked up and it looked like his eyes were rolled back like there was no life in his eyes, and he tumbled over. Everybody was in a state of shock, people were crying.”

A family man who left behind three children and his wife, Green did not have any medical conditions and was even said to be very healthy.

“And then he had mentioned that if the lord called me now 'I’m ready to go,'” Martin recalled.

A 911 call was made immediately after Green had collapsed, but it proved too late to save his life.

“They were trying to resuscitate him but it took so long I think we knew he was gone,” Martin said to WDSU.

Everyone remembered the pastor as someone who was there for anyone needing a prayer, or to help them attend the hospital.

“He buried both of my sons,” Martin said. “He always had an encouraging word to say.”

There are as yet no reports of what could have caused Green’s sudden death. His family is awaiting the results of the autopsy. He leaves behind a wife and three children.

Sources: WDSUThe Blaze

Photo Credit: The Blaze, WikiCommons


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