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Church Cancels 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' Play Because of Controversy

The Agape Church in Little Rock, Arkansas, got caught in the middle of controversy over a local school coming to see their stage production of 'A Charlie Brown Christmas' so it has decided to cancel the Dec. 14 show.

Pastor Happy Caldwell told KATV-TV: “Because of what this issue has become, as a church, it is not our desire to put hard-working, sacrificial teachers and cast members in harm’s way."

However, a public performance will be offered at the church on Dec. 15.

The trouble began when first and second grade students at Terry Elementary School were scheduled to watch the Christmas production, which includes a retelling of the Nativity story from the Gospel of Luke by the character Linus.

A parent, who felt the trip was inappropriate, voiced her concern with the show’s religious connotations to the Arkansas Society of Free Thinkers, which began a campaign against the trip.

School district spokesperson Pamela Smith told KATV-TV: “The teachers wanted to provide a cultural opportunity through a holiday production and are supported by the superintendent and the principal. The school district does not support or promote religious affiliations."


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