Church Billboard Suggests Jesus was Gay, Sparks Outrage


The Church of St. Matthew in Auckland, New Zealand, has launched a series of controversial billboards, which suggest Jesus Christ was gay.

One billboard (pictured) says: "It's Christmas. Time for Jesus to come out."

The billboard was put up by the Reverend Glynn Cardy, who told the Daily Mail: "The fact is we don't know what [Jesus'] sexual orientation was."

Last year, the Church of St. Matthew created a billboard that showed the Virgin Mary looking stunned at the results of her pregnancy test.

Rev. Cardy claims that homosexuality was not a word until the 1800s and any mention of it in the Bible or other archaeological document is a mistranslation.

Reverend Clay Nelson said the billboard tries to humanize Jesus: "Some scholars have tried to make the case that he might have been gay. But it is all conjecture. Maybe gay, maybe not. Does it matter? There is almost nothing in the record of his teachings about sexuality while there is plenty about the perils of being rich. Certainly he always supported the marginalized in society."


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