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Christian Leader Bob Vander Plaats Praises Russian President for Banning Free Speech (Audio)

Bob Vander Plaats, head of the Christian conservative group "The Family Leader," recently praised Russian President Vladimir Putin for banning free speech that is supportive of gay rights.

Vander Plaats is a big Republican player in Iowa politics and recently hosted a sumit featuring possible GOP presidential candidates Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) and Rick Santorum, who has not held public office since 2006.

During an interview yesterday with conservative talk show host Steve Deace, Vander Plaats gushed over Putin, a former KGB agent, noted (audio below).

“Putin’s saying, ‘You know what don’t bring this homosexual propaganda into my country for the Olympics. We believe in one man, one woman marriage. There is no homosexual marriage in Russia,'" said Vander Plaats.

Apparently, even this was too much for Deace who reminded Vander Plaats that Putin recently divorced his wife.

However, the pro-family Vander Plaats concluded, "It doesn't matter."

Vander Plaats went on to attack President Obama, who is still married to his wife.

"[Putin has] taken what used to be our strengths, which has now defaulted into our weaknesses because of Barack Obama, no leadership, and he’s making them his strengths and he’s emerging now on the world stage as a newly-discovered leader. Ladies and gentlemen this is why you need to rise up, this is why we rise up, to demonstrate, we do have a voice in this process," declared Vander Plaats.

Ironically, President Putin does not allow gay people to have "a voice in this process."

In the past, Vander Plaats has praised Donald Trump, who has been divorced multiple times, for questioning President Obama's birth certificate.



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