Christmas Should Not be a Federal Holiday


If a holiday is not celebrated by everyone, it should not be a federal holiday. Period, end of story. 

Christmas is a federal holiday that is unconstitutional, if for no other reason it's a religious holiday symbolic only to Christians. Of course, I think this goes back to the article I wrote a few days ago about how Christians get special treatment in this country and everyone is put on the back burner. 

So Christians get their "Holy Days" off. What about Jews? You think the Jews are going to get Hanukkah off (or at least one day of it)? Oh hell no! That's money down the drain for the company that person works for. Do you think Muslims are going to get time off for Ramadan? Again, absolutely not. Do Pagans/Wiccans get winter solstice off? I think not!

So now we run into this dilemma of only Christians getting their holidays off (I'm counting Good Friday too). Well, the government is supposed to be religion-neutral not promoting any sort of religion, yet they get away with promoting Christianity every year on Good Friday and Christmas. 

It's time to say enough is enough. 

If Jews have to work on their holidays, Muslims have to work on their holidays, and everyone else who subscribes to a religion has to work on theirs, it's time Christians in America suck it up and work on their holidays as well. I can't see how Christians constantly whine about being persecuted in America, with all these special treatments they get, they don't know what persecution really is. 

Either everyone celebrates it or it shouldn't be a federal holiday. Not everyone celebrates Christmas, so it should not be a federal holiday (and neither should Good Friday). Period, end of story. 


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