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"Christmas" Removed from Philadelphia's Christmas Village

Another shot fired in the War on Christmas: Philadelphia is removing the word "Christmas" from its Christmas Village.

This is the third year for Christmas Village, a series of temporary stalls and shops set up next to City Hall that sells ornaments and other seasonal items. But city spokesman Mark McDonald said officials received complaints about the name.

"As a city of great diversity, one shouldn't be surprised that there's a difference of views when it comes to symbols and words," McDonald told the Philadelphia Daily News.

Workers took down the offending signs on Monday so they can be replaced with "Holiday." But the word "Christmas" will remain on posters and fliers in the village. The mayor's office said the area will continue to be called Philadelphia's Christmas Village, even though it conflicts with the new signs. 

Ironically, while workers were removing the "Christmas" signs, other workers were setting up the city's Christmas tree just 15 feet away.


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