Christians Upset: Obama Wants Muslim To Be Judge (Video)

Televangelist Jim Bakker and his guest, Robert Maginnis, of the Family Research Council, expressed their displeasure on Sept. 22 with President Barack Obama's nomination of the first Muslim federal judge (video below).

Bakker, a convicted felon who sells survival food, said of the historic nomination:

It's hard for me to see preferential treatment being given to the Muslim people, and the cross is being degraded in America.

The Christians are being, the very thing Jesus said would happen in the Last Days, that we would be, because we serve God, we would be attacked, we would be hated for the name of Christ’s sake.

It seems like our nation is kinder to other faiths and Christianity is being put down further and further and further.

Maginnis, a retired Army lieutenant colonel, agreed with Bakker, and said that Christians were being persecuted in the Pentagon for "openly expressing their love for Christ," notes Right Wing Watch.

Maginnis went on to state that the Obama administration "is aggressively against Christians, and it's because, I think, the man in the Oval Office expresses an opinion which his proxies are expressing across the entire bureaucracy."

Bakker asked Maginnis if U.S. leaders were afraid of the gospel and why they wanted to put the gospel down.

Maginnis replied:

Well, I suspect that the motivation is, in fact, evil. I know from having been in Washington for many years, in fact, my mother worked in Washington, and in the White House for awhile, many years ago. I know that there's demonic forces in that city.

I have personally met people that refer to themselves as witches, people that say they advise the senior leadership of the country. We invite within the federal government people to advise us and often some of those advisers, I think, have evil motivations, things that you and I would not approve of.

The Huffington Post reported earlier this month that Obama's nominee for the U.S. District Court for the District of Columbia, Abid Qureshi, will not likely be approved by the Republican-controlled Senate, which has almost completely stopped approving the president's judicial nominees.

Sources: Right Wing WatchThe Huffington Post / Photo credit: "Jim Bakker Show" via YouTube

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