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Christians Upset By Chelsea Manning's Early Jail Release

Several Christian leaders are upset by President Obama's decision to commute Chelsea Manning's 35-year prison sentence, which means Manning will be released this May.

Tony Perkins, who heads the Christian-based Family Research Council, issued an angry press release on Jan. 18 that credited Manning's transgender status for his early release by Obama:

As one of his final acts, President Obama has chosen to cap off eight years of national security failures by pardoning one of the worst traitors in modern American history: Chelsea (formerly Bradley) Manning....

And anyone who suggests that Manning's sexuality had nothing to do with the decision hasn't been paying attention. If it didn't, the president would have commuted the sentences of others.

After all, there's Robert Hannsen, who's serving 15 life terms without the possibility of parole for selling secrets to the Soviets. So is Aldrich Ames. And what about Jonathan Pollard, who served 28 years for giving helpful information to Israel, a U.S. ally?

Maybe if they suffered from gender confusion, their sentences would have been commuted too! In the end, this is nothing but Barack Obama solidifying his legacy as the most LGBT-obsessed administration in U.S. history. Even halfway out the door, he's determined to give trans-activists another victory at the expense of American credibility and security.

Manning did not give information to a specific country or enemy of the United States -- like the people mentioned by Perkins -- but rather to WikiLeaks, which published the content in 2010.

That content included the infamous video of a U.S. Apache helicopter in Baghdad, Iraq, killing an innocent Reuters journalist, his assistant, and others in 2007, noted Reuters.

Christian activist Gary Bauer was also outraged by Manning's reduced sentence, and told One News Now: "Some of these [WikiLeaks documents] were later found on the computer of Osama Bin Laden. People were killed as a result of these leaks."

Bauer didn't cite specifics or his source about these alleged deaths.

Evangelist Franklin Graham also expressed his outrage about Manning's shortened sentence on Jan. 18 on Facebook:

Yesterday President Obama commuted the sentence of convicted traitor Chelsea Manning. Chelsea (born Bradley Edward Manning) was an Army intelligence officer who leaked U.S. secrets and was court-martialed and sentenced to 35 years in prison for violations of the Espionage Act in one of the largest breaches of classified material in U.S. history.

It seems our outgoing president could care less that this put the lives of our soldiers, sailors, and airmen at risk and did irreparable damage. What kind of message does this send?

The Nation noted in 2013 that some of the other revelations in Manning's leaks included U.S. diplomatic cables that showed corruption, killings, torture and chaos during the U.S occupations of Iraq and Afghanistan under President George W. Bush.

Sources: Family Research Council, Reuters, One News Now, Franklin Graham/FacebookThe Nation / Photo Credit: Family Research Council via Wikimedia Commons

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