Christians Under 'Full-Blown Persecution Like We Have Not Seen In America' Says Pastor Jim Garlow (Audio)


Christians are being persecuted in the US like never before, claims Pastor Jim Garlow of the Skyline Church in San Diego, Calif.

He has often made news by attacking homosexuals, transgender people and President Obama.

Pastor Garlow appeared on the "Wallbuilders Live" radio show today and claimed that Christians are currently experiencing "full-blown persecution" and warned that Christian churches might be shut down by the US government, notes (audio below).

"If you are an evangelical Christian, it's a full-blown persecution like we have not seen in America," stated Pastor Garlow. "We now are beginning to wear a badge of honor that we do not want to wear and that kind of persecution that we find in the rest of the world, we're now experiencing it here and it has enormous implications for the future."

"...I know where it could potentially go and that would be where the government leans on churches so severely, so strongly, not only ripping away their tax exemption which, I assume, many churches could not survive that and the loss of buildings when you don't hire practicing homosexual pastors or you don't perform homosexual weddings and the church is forced officially underground," added Pastor Garlow.

However, Christian writer Alan Noble recently slammed Fox News’ Todd Starnes for pushing the so-called “War on Christians" in the media.

Writing on, Noble said that Starnes and Fox News try to scare evangelical Christians into believing there’s a war on Christianity being waged either by Muslims, atheists, or “the homosexual agenda.”

Noble writes:

That’s the thing about sensationalism and exaggeration: it hurts real efforts to address real issues. But in this case, there’s more at risk. Starnes’ lies should remind us that for many people and companies, Christians are a market demographic. They know our fears, our values, and our desires.

Starnes sells us what we want to hear. We want to believe that we are the underdog. And Starnes sells us that story, wrapped in language of patriotism and faith. For our own good, we need to reject and denounce hucksters like Starnes. For our own wisdom, for the witness of the Church, and simply because lying is wrong.

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